bits and pieces of me all over the place
like half empty boxes spread everywhere
while the removal man quietly drinks his coffee
and contemplates a quick whacking off
before the cleaning lady arrives
while the drunkard fixes himself a sandwich
muttering to himself strange words
in a dead man’’s language
and the grave digger smiles with his missing tooth
to a fourteen years old 
hissing his filth towards her
and i get so bored being all of them
i mean, i get so bored waiting in here
anxious to hear the shovel 
piling some dirt in between us;
starting to do its damn work 

One thought on “breakthrough

  1. nu am înţeles, mărturisesc, toate cuvintele, până la ultimul, însă durerea cuvintelor a răzbătut totuşi,

    nu ştiu dacă se poate spune despre poemele de acest gen că ar putea fi frumoase, şi nici mie nu mi-e lesne să o spun, aşadar mai bine zic că se simte.

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